The Glock trigger is one of the most talked about parts of a firearm today.  If you go to any forum you can find threads to keep you up all night discussing why or why not you should go with a Glock.  Many times it has to do with the Glock trigger.  There is no doubt that the Glock trigger doesn’t come close to being as nice as a 1911 (if you want to know why read this). However, it doesn’t have to feel as squishy as it comes from the factory.

If you are looking for improvement, there are several things that can be done, but most of the work comes back to replacing the connector.  The connector has an angle that works with the trigger bar to increase or decrease trigger pull.  It is not difficult to swap the connector, but that only begins to scratch the surface.  We offer 3 different packages for Glock triggers (read more).

One of the biggest drawbacks to Glock custom work is that it is generally pretty cheap, while the shipping ($35 both ways) tends to run pretty high.  $70 in shipping costs for a $50 trigger job can be a tough pill to swallow.  It makes more sense to do something like the MCC Glock Carry Package to maximize the shipping costs.

In an effort to make it easier for you to have the Glock trigger you have been looking for, MCC has developed a Glock Drop In Trigger Kit.  It allows you to save about $40-$50 on shipping.  The kit comes with a trigger bar that has already been prepped in the shop, Wolff trigger spring, and a Ghost 3.5# connector. This kit allows you to have everything you need for a safe Defensive Trigger. If you would like a trigger geared for competition, email us for details. It is not hard to put the trigger in, but if you have any questions, we recommend you find a Glock Armorer or a Gunsmith to help you out.

If you want to check out a picture look in the online store. If you want to buy one for $69.99 you do so here.