If you have a Glock, you know that there are tons of accessories for your gun. You can get everything from grips to lasers for them. We often outfit Glocks with many of these modifications, but I want to tell you there are two that you should definitely consider.

First are replacement sites. The Glock factory sights are plastic. Many times the front sight can be knocked out with repetitive draws from the holster. Not many things on your Glock are going to break, but if there is a weak link from the factory, it’s the sights. Glock makes a metal version that your gunsmith can install, or you can have him install one of many great after market sights available from XS (Big Dots), Trijicon, or Meprolight. Whatever your preference, go on and take the plunge.

The other thing to consider, especially if you are a competitive shooter, is a trigger job. These trigger jobs are inexpensive compared to 1911’s, and can really improve the squishy feel of the trigger.

If you do these two simple modifications, you will have a great fighting or competitive pistol on your hands.