glock 30 sf

No doubt you are familiar with our affection for the Glock pistol by now.  If you have any questions you need to know that we think they are great.  In the midst of their greatness, there is one issue that has been problematic for some shooters; namely that the large caliber (45ACP and 10mm) Glocks didn’t fit smaller hands.

That has now been remedied with the SF line of Glocks.  The new Glock 30 SF may be one of the best new additions to the Glock line in history.  It holds 10 rounds, is very concealable and manages the 45’s recoil very well.

In a recent range test, we found the 30 SF to be one of the few new guns out on the market that really got us excited.  It was easy to shoot quickly and accurately.   Running through some IDPA drills, the gun performed great.

The most surprising thing was recoil.  You would think the lighter frame would make recoil an issue, but it was not any more noticeable than a full size 1911.  There are many thoughts on why this phenomenon exists including the idea that the polymer frame flexes in your hand to lessen the blow.  I am no scientist, but I can tell you it was pleasant.

About 3 months ago we did a custom job on a 30 SF in which we did our carry trigger job and added XS 24/7 sights.  As you know, these sights are hot right now.  People just can’t get enough.  Our customer reported loving the combo of the Glock 30 SF paired with the XS sights.

If you are looking for a new defensive handgun and have been put off by the original 30’s size, we highly encourage you to check out the 30 SF.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised.