This weekend I found a good review of the Glock 36 written by One Old Vet.  As many of you know, the Glock 36 is one of the most over looked models that Glock has ever introduced.  The idea behind its introduction was that it offered a smaller version of the 45 ACP which would help shooters who have smaller hands.  I being one of them have always been fascinated by the Glock 36.  Several months ago I reviewed it after working one over for a customer.

The biggest problem that most people see with the 36 is that it almost non-compatible with any of the Glock accessories.  I did see an extended slide stop at Glockmeister the other day, but that is rare.  Now that Glock has introduced the SF models, the 36 is likely to get marginalized even more.

Even so, the Glock 36 has a very unique quality; it is easy to conceal because it is so thin.  It may be the easiest Glock to conceal because the grip is so slender.  The Glock 30 kept people away because of its grip size, and some feel the Glock 30SF is still a little fat for applications such as IWB carry.  If you are in the market for a Glock 45, you should at least consider the 36 before making your decision.  For some people it will be a good choice.  As usual, consider your needs, and then make your choice.  Don’t buy anything because of a cool factor.  Cool factors wear off when your systems stops working.