This is a great time of year to do an evaluation of your equipment needs and allow Santa to bring you some of those things you have been putting off.  specifically, it may be time to get a new holster for your duty, backup or CCW gun.

One of the things that makes no sense to me is when you see a person with a $500 gun and a $5 holster.  When you decide to buy a holster consider the fact that it must serve your purpose well.  Whether that is to provide retention or to provide stability you should consider all your options.

Kydex has made the process a little easier because you can get a stable platform that functions well without breaking the bank.  I have several Kydex holsters I have been very pleased with.  Beware though, because not all Kydex is created equal.  You can feel the quality differences easily.

For CCW I like to have several options at my disposal.  I will often buy a Kydex paddle holster, leather belt holster and an inside the waist band holster for any gun that is going to get serious carry.  This allows me to choose what will work best.  As far as stability it is a belt holster.  As far as concealability it is inside the waist band.  If I am going to be in places that don’t permit the CCW that day the paddle holster works well.

If you haven’t thought about this lately, ask those special people in your life to help you out for Christmas by getting you some gear that will really work for you.  After all, you don’t want to be fooling around with the foam holster if you ever really need it.