One of things that can’t be stressed enough is fundamentals.  I know that we all love to go shoot as fast as we can.  Kind of plays into the whole being a male thing. If we don’t practice with purpose we are simply throwing rounds down range.

I was reminded recently that the Bible says we are not to despise the day of small things (Zechariah 4:10).  It is possible to forget that the fundamentals constantly need to be practiced if we are going to get better.  Here is a 50 round practice session that you might find beneficial.

5 min dry fire from the holster

1 shot draws 10x

double taps from the holster 10x

draw bang reload bang 10x (load a mag with one round.  Draw and fire to slide lock.  Emergency reload.)

Make sure you take a break between each of the drills to get mentally focused on what you are doing.  If you run through these drills and find an area that needs attention get after the next time with good planning.  What you will find is that you can spend about an hour at the range having a good time, but improving.  The final benefit is that you will maximize your practice and be saving money.