Recently we mentioned D.R. Middlebrooks and point shooting as we were talking about Daniel Horner who now shoots for the Army Marksmanship Unit. Many people don’t buy into point shooting because they believe that only the “front sight/press” method should be taught. Middlebrooks takes that school of thought and turns it on its head.

One thing that often gets misinterpreted is that people say D.R. teaches people to never use their sights. That is simply not true. He actually says that if you have time, you should use your sights, but students who adopt the Fist-Fire method of shooting do not have to rely on their sights.

Recently Middlebrooks did a video for Downrange TV. In the video he shot at distances out to 100 yards with no sights on the gun. Don’t believe it can be done? Watch the video for yourself.

Even with a video like that, some skeptics will continue to doubt the validity of point shooting techniques, so let me give you a few reasons to consider point shooting;

  1. You may not always have time to use your sights. As D.R. says, time is a matter of distance.
  2. You may not be able to see your sights well because of age.
  3. It may be too dark to see your sights.

I went to one of D.R.’s classes about 5 years ago. It was a very interesting experience, and he is a great instructor. Do I ever use my front sight. All the time, when I have time. I can promise you this; if you go to Tactical Shooting Academy, you will come away with a few more tools to put in the tool bag, and that seems like the point.