Finding a good shop can be hard to do.  One of the shops that really influenced our business was Bill’s Guns in Gretna, VA.  As it happened his shop was recommended by a friend who had dealt with him for years.  When you go into Bill’s you are greeted by some of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet.  They understand customer service, have competitive prices, and will work tirelessly to find any gun you need.  As a matter of fact, Bill is the only person who ever took me out to dinner after I bought a gun from him.

In a world where the company has become more than the customer it is nice to know that there are still places out there that care about you.  I often think about Bill’s when I am making a decision in our shop.  Hopefully you have had a similar experience.  For more on this subject, check out Your Local Shop in the articles section.