If you are thinking about an extended mag release for you Glock, here are a few questions you should answer;

1. How will I feel if I bend over and my drop free mag goes flying across the floor of the supermarket? Warning: If you are not a skinny person, you have a very high likelihood of loosing your mag inadvertently. This is bad, but not the end of the world. Read next question for end of the world.

2. How will you feel if your gun only goes bang once? Same premise, only this time you weren’t lucky enough for the mag to actually come out, it just unseated itself when you bent over. Some unfortunate incident arises, and your gun only goes bang – click . . . .

3. Do you need a competitive advantage in IDPA or IPSC? It may be that you have smaller hands and could use the extra length of the extended mag release to gain a few tenths of a second in your reloads.

If you answered yes to question 3 you need an extended mag release. Question 1 and 2 leave too many opportunities for Murphy’s Law to show up. If you shoot a lot of competitions, it’s worth it to buy a gun dedicated to competition and to have one dedicated for CCW. Think about it. It could be your life.