It crossed my mind that many of you will be going to church tomorrow, and probably won’t be wearing your tactical clothing, which means you may not know what is appropriate cutlery.  I remember having a conversation with an elderly woman who told me that every gentleman always carried tow things; 1. a handkerchief and 2. a pocket knife.  I have to admit that I am normally found without either in my suits, but I am going to turn over a new leaf by carrying these two items because I would never want to be thought of as a commoner.  So let’s deal with these two items.

1.  The handkerchief – If you grew up in the country, you probably carried some sort of bandanna with you as a handkerchief.  They were used for everything, but that is not what this lady had in mind.  You need to go to the local Walmart or department store and buy some white handkerchiefs.  Now carrying them is not optional, but using them as a snot rag is definitely optional.  I personally can’t do it.  I see no point blowing my nose and carrying it my pocket, but let your conscience be your guide.  So why carry one?  Never know when a lady will one, and in the south they can be good for perspiration.

2.  The pocket knife – Leave your tactical folder at home when you have on a suit unless you can remove the pocket clip.  You don’t want that nice suit shredded, and a pocket folder on anything but jeans screams no class.  Buy a nice Case knife or a Hen and Rooster folder.

The toothpick or mini trapper are great for suit carry.  You never know when you will need to open something, peel some fruit, or defend yourself from all the dangers that church and the office bring.

You may not be a classy, sartorial type of guy, but carry these two items and most people will never know.