I recently made contact with George Phillips who has written an e-book for beginning reloaders.  For those not familiar with an e-book, they are downloaded for your enjoyment at considerable savings.  George’s book is $.99, so it is a great value, and will offer you some insights into starting the process of reloading.

It is by no means exhaustive, and the preview copy that we read did not have any pictures, so you should understand that is by no means an complete book for the beginner, but at less than a buck it is hard to beat.  You can get it from Amazon or from his sight www.thephillipsgeneralstore.com

Reloading 101 will help you get started towards a lot of fun working up your own loads and saving money in the process.  As I have said before, reloading is a great way to enjoy your hobby at home when you can’t get to the range.