If you haven’t paid much attention to the tactical market lately you may have missed some new names that are manufacturing AR’s. One of the most famous is Remington.

They now own Cobb, DPMS, and Olympic Arms. This makes them the largest manufacturing group of the AR platform, and this is their new R-15. Last year Dave Sams told me that anyone not doing something with AR’s was going to be left behind. I didn’t know what he meant at the time, but seeing the latest add by Remington for their new R-15 rifle may prove his point.

There may be several reasons that everyone from Remington to Charles Daly is now offering AR’s, but certainly one of them is that they are probably the hottest item in long guns right now. Our customers love them for their ability to be customized. It can be a fun process to get a rifle they way you want it, much like a 1911. I have never met two guys at the range the same AR. They all put their own unique style into their rifles.

It will be interesting to see if the latest entries into the AR market by these manufacturers offers anything new, or if they are simply copies. It is possible that this will be push the AR platform to new innovations. The next push before innovation may actually be a price break. It will be interesting to see who takes that route.

**Update**  Check out this great valued AR from CMMG.