I was talking with a customer the other day about cost vs. value in gunsmithing.  We were trying to determine whether or not he should add a sight to a S&W 442.  This particular gun did not have a pinned front sight.  The sight ramp was integral to the barrel.

Normally installing the Big Dot sights is $100 including the sights.  However, if you have to mill them, the cost goes to $150.  Because it was a 442 (blued gun) we now have to refinish the barrel.  All of a sudden a pretty good idea just got really expensive.

The value of these mods are only in the owner’s eyes.  Most people are never going to pay you more for a Big Dot on your gun.  It’s like a Harley, chrome it out, but only because you like it.  Invest in your 401K not mods.

At the end of the day he made the decision not to have the work done.  I agreed with him.  The cost didn’t equal the value.