Since we showed you how to put on a grip extension for your Glock, we thought it might be helpful if we gave you a little insight on which extension we prefer.  We mentioned that you can use Glock, Pearce or Scherer extensions.

Glock factory extensions are fine if you can find them.  They are well made and look good on the mag.  The one complaint we get is that they don’t have any serrations.  You can buy these mags with the extensions already on them for about $6 more per magazine.

The Pearce extensions are very popular.  They make a variety of extensions for many different mags.  They are smaller than the Scherer model so they give you the mix of extension and concealment.  The Pearce extensions are about $9.

The Scherer are actually the one we prefer for our Glock mags.  They come two in a pack for around $14, and they are bigger than the Pearce extension giving you the most control.  We also feel like the Scherer are made from a little stronger material than the Pearce extension.  So overall in our opinion it is the better choice.

If this is something you want added to your mag try it with the video or you can send them to us when we work on your gun.  We only charge the price of the extensions, so it is up to you.