I was recently showing a few of my personal 1911’s to a customer when I mentioned that I am indeed afflicted with a Colt disease.  Some call it Colt blindness because you refuse to see the facts.  Others call it an infatuation gone wrong because I can’t get over it.  Whatever its name it affects many shooters from all generations.  The basic symptoms are that your head confirms better 1911’s exist, but your heart won’t allow you to possess any of them.  For some reason if that little pony isn’t on the slide, it just doesn’t seem right.

Please understand that I am strictly speaking about production 1911’s.  Everyone knows that a 1911 built by a compotent gunsmith is better any day.  You also know that it comes with a very hefty price tag.  All of this is leading to a website you might find interesting if you are Colt addict.

ColtAutos.com is a great website for anyone who loves to read about and see other classic Colt guns.  This sight offers a wealth of information for the collector and it gives readers an opportunity to see some of the finest Colts that have ever been produced.  Of particular in interest is the gun of the month.

Each month a gun is highlighted and described for the reader.  It includes detailed pictures and pertinent information on why the particular gun is indeed special.  This month is a 1908 pocket model that is engraved.  This is an absolutely stunning piece.

Colt 1908 pocket model

Colt 1908 pocket model

These guns are very interesting because in certain circles they are seen a the perfect CCW gun.  They are very slim making them easy to conceal, and they bring a certain sense of pride to the owner that you can’t get from buying one off the rack.  We actually worked over one of these for a police officer who carried it as his off duty gun.  If you are interested in a little something more, check out Sams Custom Gunworks version of this pistol for modern CCW.

By the way a quick check of Gun Broker shows these available from $300-$1,500.