Perhaps you have heard that Colt has a new product out called the New Agent. It is part of the Defender line. Made to rival Kimber’s entry into no sight, micro pistol group, it looks good and is competitively priced. As a huge Colt fan you have to be pleased; almost. When will they ever realize that they can’t keep up by making rattle traps that are poorly put together? It would be a huge improvement if they would just add an up swept beavertail safety, but alas they leave things the same even on their latest gun. You have to wonder who does their marketing, and if they ever taken notice to see how the 1911 is radically different now from when it first came out in 1911. If you are like us, die hard Colt fans, you just keep holding on wondering, “When will they produce something worth their asking price?” Until then, I guess Colt fans are left to fight over used Colt’s at gunshows.