We received word today from one of our customers that CMMG has discontinued their bargain bin AR program. We assume they are temporarily out, and we hope that they will bring it back when supplies are available again. This same customer also said that the Smyrna, TN gun show didn’t have much in the way of AR’s available, and the ones that were there were going for more than they were a few months ago. So what’s the deal?

It is not only AR’s that are hard to find right now, but any popular gun you can think of seems to be in short supply. This generally happens anytime there is an election where people are uncertain about their gun rights future. If you are concerned about getting an AR, we advise that you do it now along with plenty of ammo. You should also think about joining the NRA as a life member if you haven’t already. Whether you like them or not, they are the best advocate you have for your gun rights.

In the meantime we will keep you posted if we find anymore AR deals out there.