I was listening to Guntalk the other day and I was reminded that a CCW is not a license to leave your common sense at home. When you get the permit to carry a weapon it doesn’t turn you into Rambo. In the real world heroes often die as in Black Hawk Down, they don’t always come out on top with minor injuries. The decision to carry a weapon will not offer you anymore security if you don’t look out for danger and stay away from trouble.

It is too easy to become puffed up with pride and forget that you can still get hurt if you choose to place yourself in bad situations. In Nashville where we live, Adam Pacman Jones is at the forefront of the line for those who don’t know how to stay out of trouble. Is anyone surprised that there might be trouble at strip club? Where you go can get you hurt, CCW or not.

So when you choose to get your permit make sure you stay away from all the places you know will be nothing but trouble. Your CCW just minimizes your chance of being a victim. Don’t negate that minimized chance by going to places that elevate your threat levels.