Lately in Nashville, Metro Police seem to be working hard to keep our neighborhoods safe by running speed checkpoints. I have recently seen several cars pulled over for speeding through residential areas. It brings to mind that if you have a CCW you might be interested in the following tips that will keep you safe and let the officer that pulled you over know you have his safety in mind.

1. When you are pulled over it is a great courtesy to the officer if you make no attempt to get in your console or glove box until he arrives and asks to see your license and registration. It would be even better if you simply sat with your hands raised or on the steering wheel. This simple act of courtesy lets him know that you have his safety in mind.

2. Whether your state requires it or not, it is a good idea to disclose that you have a handgun in the car when he approaches. Once again you are building good faith with the officer.

3. Present your CCW with your license.

4. If it is night, make sure you do all of these things with the dome light on.

When you do these things you are building a relationship with the officer. Remember that they rarely see anything good during the day, so they are often guarded. When you do this, it may just work in your favor.

Oh by the way; remember to never ask for a break. If you were speeding try a different approach and own up to it and apologize. In my limited time in the L/E community our officers had a standing rule. If you ask for a break, you just received a ticket. Drive careful and be safe.