The number of accessories available today for your Glock pistol is simply unbelievable.  If you can imagine it for your Glock it probably exists.  One of the things that has become more popular than ever is the idea of replacement frames.  CCF Raceframes from Richmond, VA makes an aluminum frame and a stainless steel that add a new dimension to shooting the Glock.

The aluminum frame is IDPA compliant for the Enhanced Service Pistol category.  It allows you to tame any recoil issues with the extra weight of the frame.  The frames come with picatinny rails, beavertails and a redesigned mag release. All of these are extra

Many shooters feel like Glocks point high and have asked for a solution.  CCF provides that with the ability to change your backstrap.  You can add a 1911 backstrap to make the gun point just a little bit better or use one that mirrors the Glock.

These frames are considered the “gun” according to the ATF so you will have to get them shipped to a local dealer and fill out your 4473 forms.  They are probably best suited for shooters who are looking to add something to their competitive shooting repertoire.  They may also fill a niche for shooters who want to have a light rail on their gun.  You can keep your Glock frame and still get a new frame for the gun.

In the end, this frame is probably a novelty for most people.  They are of no advantage for CCW, but it is worth checking out if it fits some of the needs mentioned above.  They don’t come cheap at around $300, but their craftsmanship seems to warrant the price.  You can check out a cool version of this gun at Robar’s site.