caspian pocketsmith

I was sitting in the shop the other day watching it rain when one of our customers showed up to give me a box of ammo from a day of shooting we had shared together. It was a very kind gesture, but the next thing he gave me was over and above anything he ever owed me as a customer.

He handed me a what looked like a multi-tool.  Now I have to admit that I have a small problem with gadgets. . . I get hooked really easily.  So you can imagine how stoked I already was to see the tool, but then I opened it, and I got super excited.  It was a Caspian Pocketsmith.

These things are awesome, and they are the perfect gift to give your favorite gunsmith (unless you want to make a tax free donation to my children’s college fund!!)  I have fooled around with it for a while to discover how cool it really is.

It is a bushing wrench, pin punch, screw driver, pliers, hex head driver and a knife.  The best thing is that it is only $35 retail.  That means you can actually afford something for yourself.

Thanks SAM for being that kind of guy. Hope you get to feeling better soon.