With the weather being hot, it seems appropriate to mention a product that has been around for a while, but it might be new to some shooters because they have never thought that it could be used in a shooting application. Most of us at MCC are runners, and with the season getting ready to start in Nashville this fall we have already started training. A friend of ours named Tim put us onto the Camelback hydration system. We have tested them on a few runs and they work great.

They come in all shapes and sizes for anything you might need, but the smaller packs seem to be the best. They are comfortable to wear, and don’t move around as much as you might think while you are active. Most of them come with a small zippered pouch that is perfect for your i-pod, keys or a cell phone. For the sportsman/shooter, these can be great. A few possible uses would be;

  1. Range officers at IDPA/IPSC matches. If you shoot Cowboy action, this just won’t be cool. Try a creek or a trough.
  2. Sighting in rifles at the range.
  3. Physical training for the fall tournament season.
  4. Scouting that big buck you missed last year!

One thing that works well is to cut some Gatorade with water 1:1. Gives you a little flavor without all of the other stuff. Whatever you do, just make sure you stay hydrated this summer