This summer we told you that we were trying out some products from Camelback(click here for full story).  Yesterday we tested them through a homemade race in Spring Hill, TN.  Several different models were used for marathon and 1/2 marathon racing, and they performed admirably.  What is great about the Camelback is that you get hydration without carrying around water bottles that end up in trash dumps, or having to find something to hold your i-pod.  Here are a few things we discovered;

  1. Clean them regularly by taking the unit all the way apart.  It doesn’t need much soap, but a little will keep the mildew away.  Also, let it completely dry out before storage.  You can buy a cleaning kit for under $30.
  2. In hot weather the liquid in the straw is warm and hard to drink.  Some of us spit out the first two or three sips each time, and some blow the liquid back into the reservoir.  Ice is always a good thing to keep your drink cooler for a long period of time.
  3. Get the smallest one you need.  No need to be lugging around extra weight.

Overall we are well pleased with how this product delivers.  It is great and versatile for any number of applications.