GunsAmerica sent out the following email to one of the MCC readers.  Now be warned; they are not trying to play into your fears, but they are simply doing their civic duty by informing gun owners of plans that are “almost definitely” going to happen.  I didn’t know anything could be almost definitely.  That is a new one.  Word to the wise.  You can’t change anything that will or won’t happen, so stop panicking like the sky is falling.  Use common sense about whether to buy or sell, and don’t buy from anyone that tells you if you don’t the coming anti-gun Apocalypse will sweep you away.  If it sounds like self interest, it is.

Hi Everyone,

Not really to not take the alarmist, scare tactic route but we feel compelled to email the hundreds of thousands of casual gun people who come here every month (in addition to the hundreds of thousands of gun nuts) that the election of Barack Obama is almost definitely going to bring changes to the gun laws in the form of new taxes and hoops for gun dealers to jump through, as well as permanent bans on individuals selling firearms themselves.

The days of being able to bring grandpa’s old guns to a gun show and sell them off in an afternoon are probably going to be gone within a short amount of time after President Elect Obama gets into office.

Most likely the entire American tradition of the gunshow will disappear.

There is a lot of media attention today about people in a frenzy to BUY GUNS, because they are afraid that they won’t be able to get them.

But for those of us with closets full of guns we don’t and most likely will never shoot, guns that we’ve procrastinated selling, there is a genuine danger to our ability to be to SELL THOSE GUNS OURSELVES in the future.

So if you don’t want to end up losing 30% of their value because you have to transfer the gun out through a gun dealer, get moving and sell them now.

The DEMAND FOR GUNS IS HUGE. We have record traffic on GunsAmerica, and the gunshows are a zoo.

Take the time and sell your guns now, at a gunshow, on GunsAmerica, or any other legal venue.

And remember, if you ship a gun to someone, it has to be sent to a transfer FFL dealer in their state. There is no legal way to ship a gun to an individual, unless they personally are a Curio & Relic FFL holder, which only applies to old and collectible guns that are specifically on the list at the ATF website.

Some states have restrictions on individuals shipping out guns themselves as well. Ask a dealer in your state. We do not give legal advice. It is your responsability to ship guns out legally.

Also consider buying ammunition for the guns you have. There will almost definitely be a new tax coming on ammo.

That’s all for now. We felt compelled to send something letting those detached from the problem know what is almost definately coming.