I just put another pair of XS Big Dots on for a retired cop yesterday, and I am continually impressed with the response they generate.  Lately it seems we have been doing a pile of revolver work, but the last three weeks have seen Big Dots going on Glocks like crazy.  If you have been considering them, let me tell you why you might want to get them installed on your Glock.

The Big Dots are as fast as any sight that is out there.  They make a great IDPA sight or carry gun sight because of how quickly they can be acquired.  Put the dot where you want the impact to be.

The other group of people who love them are the guys who are wearing bifocals.  As we all know, sights get harder to see when our vision up close gets blurry.  Big Dots don’t rely on you to get the sights leveled across the top, and they don’t require you to get equal amounts of light on either side of the front sight.  Dot the i and let it roll.

And believe me they are plenty accurate.  Check out the following video for a little proof.