If you are shooting a lot you will probably run across a question or a problem that you can’t answer for your self.  When that happens you can call a gunshop or you can go to the internet and check out a few of the gun forums.

Forums are great because they provide a wealth of information for little or no cost.  You can find info on tools, gear and guns.  Often you can get unbiased opinions from people who are just like you.  Before we get to the forums, a word of caution.  Remember that not everyone who will be posting on these forums is qualified to have an opinion.  That is what is great about the internet.  You can express yourself with others who are like you.  That is also what is horrible about the internet.  It allows everyone to express themselves.

The three forums that I would reccomend are The High Road, Get Off The X and Tactical Shooting.  The High Road is probably the most popular of the three, but that doesn’t mean it is always the best.  Check it out when you need info about anything in general with your guns.  Get Off The X is run by Tactical Response.  This forum will have a lot in the way of realistic combat knowledge.  They train operators in Iraq if that helps.  The Tactical Shooting forums will cover all types of comeptitive shooting as well as gear reviews.  They focus mainly on the technique of shooting.

All of these forums will have keyboard commandos who are tacticool and not tactical, so take it with a grain of salt.  Sometimes you will just have to wade through some of the not so great stuff to get to the useful content.  After you have been on the forums a while you will start to recognize post authors you can trust.  Before you go out and do something recommend, just try to verify it with several other sources.  One guy on the internet won’t cut it.

Hope this helps your shooting knowledge increase.