With the start of the new year, this is a question that we should all be asking.  Are You Ready?  It is really easy to think that we are ready for lies ahead and accept the complacency that seems to be so rampant in other people’s lives.  If 2010 is going to be different for you it will be because you took the time to get ready for what you really wanted to accomplish.

Are You Ready?  What steps do you need to take to ensure the safety of your family members?  There is no time like the present to schedule some training.  The most common mistake in our business is that buying a gun somehow makes you safe.  You must know how to deploy that tool if you ever need it.  Spend the money.

Are You Ready?  Have you started reloading yet to get ready for the competition season?  Winter is a reloader’s dream.  There isn’t any reason for you to be outside.  Stay where it is warm and load the year’s ammo.  Start your dry fire practice now so you when the shooting season starts you will be ready.

Are You Ready?  Waiting until September to get your hunting gear together is a mistake.  The stores never have what you want, and shops like ours are slammed.  Use the offseason.  The time you have with that gear at the range will be priceless.

If you are waiting for it all to come to you this year, prepare to be disappointed.  Prepare and plan to do well and have a great 2010.