I recently had a custom job to do for on of our AR’s at Mossy Creek Arms.  The customer was looking to use the gun primarily for coyote hunting this year.  We decided to leave the front sight on the gun and use a back up rear sight from Magpul.

This would give him a good backup in case of battery failure or lens breakage.

To get the scope height correct to clear the front sight and be able to cowitness with the rear we needed a riser bar.  I ended up going with one from ProMag.

ProMag makes a lot cool aftermarket stuff that is very reasonably priced.  The ProMag Riser cost about $30 and can be installed without tools.  When we were done we had a very good sight picture and hadn’t broken the bank.  Always remember that more money doesn’t mean better quality.  Check out what you need and make a wise choice based on functionality first.