I have been traveling over the last week as we look to expand a few new things that you will be hearing about very soon.  I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised with a few of these projects.  As I have traveled to across Tennessee and Virginia, I have noticed that ammo problems seem to be localized.  In Nashville we have limited amounts of ammo available.  In Knoxville, there is none.  It is so dry in Knoxville that the local paper ran an article on the front page called “Gimmie Back My Bullets.” 

Virginia seems to be the exception to this problem.  Two stores that I went in have plenty.  One was even running a sale on .223 as if it were overstocked. 

I think what this means is that there will be varying degrees of drought on ammo for a while.  However, it is getting better.  As people get into the summer their priorities are changing.  This means that the market may finally have a chance to catch up. 

By the way, watch for the gun bubble to burst this fall.  If you have a used gun you want to sell, you better do it now.  I predict that the market is going to be inundated with used guns very soon.  Prices will readjust to normal levels.  If you are looking for a used gun, it may benefit  you to wait a little while.