Every shooter could use some new leather gear this winter.  Christmas is the perfect time to surprise them with a nice rig that will comfortably secure their weapon.  We actually just had this conversation in our shop the other day with a customer who we advised to go to Wild Bill’s.  Bill has been making great leather for a long time, and we have used many of his designs personally.  Right now I am wearing one of his belts.  I have one in each color and they have lasted 7 years.

Most of his holsters are around $60 which is not bad for a good leather holster.  Many of the holsters can be teamed up with a belt and mag carrier for a package deal.  If you don’t know what to get, simply find the model number for the gun you want to carry and call them.  They will set you up with everything you need.  If this is your first Bill’s holster, try the Classic Speed Scabbard.  It offers stability and solid concealment.