On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . . A range Bag!  If you shoot very much you need to find a suitable carrying system to get your gear to range and back.  Range bags allow you to carry ammo, mags, hearing protection and multiple handguns.  Some hard cased bags even allow you to mount a spotting scope.  You can find tons of great bags at Midway USA.  They have a wide variety of bags for any budget.  We have used bags from Allen and Brownell’s for years with complete satisfaction, but if you already have a suitable bag there are some things that you can put in them to make your range experience better.

We like to have a set of good gunsmith screwdrivers.  These differ from your Craftsman sets because they are not tapered.  If you use a tapered screwdriver you will round off the heads of your gun screws.  Brownell’s offers gun specific screwdrivers.

It is also a great idea to have a small cleaning kit with you.  We have mentioned those from Otis, but you can make your own for each specific gun with a little ingenuity.  Things like extra hearing and eye  protection need to be in the bag.

You should have a good supply of Sharpie pens for marking targets, and a staple gun for hanging targets.  Extra springs for your pistol and things of that nature are never a bad idea.  The final thing you should think about carrying is a dowel rod.  These can be used for removing a squib load from the barrel.  Buy one from Brownell’s or make your own.

Look at your needs and decide what will work for you.  If you will think ahead, you will enjoy your range time more, and have the ability to fix small problems as they arise.