Having been around many hunters, we know how valuable a good knife can be.  Whether you are doing chores around the camp or skinning game, having a great knife is important.  This of course is in addition to having bragging rights.

If you have never owned anything from Cold Steel, you owe it to yourself to check out their extensive line of knives and swords.  They offer some of the sharpest knives around, and their customer service is great.  If you dull the knife, send it back with a few bucks and they will sharpen again and clean it up.

Ultimate Hunter

Ultimate Hunter

The hunting knife we like the best is the Ultimate Hunter.  This folder has everything you want.  The edge is unbelievable.  It’s strength is unmatched.  You won’t find a better knife.  All of this makes it great, but what we love is that it is a folder.  For any of you guys who have added a few lbs over the years the folder is a great relief!  For anyone that doesn’t want gear hanging around you can’t beat it.

This knife retails for about $120.  Check out the video below and prepare to be impressed.