One of the coolest things around is a great multi-tool.  We use them all the time in our shop, and many of our LEO customers like to have one on their duty belt.  While you may be most familiar with the Leatherman brand, there are several other companies out there making some pretty cool tools.

Gerber has been making great knives for many years.  They offer a good value with high quality parts.  What many people don’t know about are their multi-tools.  If you haven’t seen the Diesel, you are missing out.


This multi-tool has all of the great functions that you expect and one huge added bonus; one handed opening.  On the traditional multi-tool it takes two hands to get them deployed, but the Diesel has a mechanism that allows the user to slide it out with one hand.  The other thing besides the cool factor about this tool is that you will no longer get your fingers pinched closing it back after you open one of the blades or files.

So who do you buy this for?  The LEO on your list will love having this.  Anyone who works outside will appreciate the versatility and one handed opening.  Shooters can use this in their range bags.  I actually bought one for my dad to have in his vehicle a few years ago, and he loves it.  Several time I have caught him showing it off to friends.  At just under $60, it is a great value that is sure to please.