We thought it might be helpful to all of the spouses and parents out there who need to know what to get their loved ones for Christmas.  So we are going to take the next 12 Days to fill you in on some of the coolest ideas going out there right now.  This list might also help you know what to ask Santa to bring this year if you are having trouble making up your mind.  We will try to start small with those things that you might use as stocking stuffers and work our way up to the grand finale.  Hopefully you will find something in here that will make sense to you.

Otis Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Otis Shotgun Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit would be a great way to help out your shooter this year.  They come in all shapes and sizes to meet all budgets.  This one from Otis retails for $12, and makes the perfect gift to put in the stocking.  This kit is designed to be small enough to accompany you to the range, but it has everything you need to get the job done.


If you want a little more, check out their Elite system.  This comes with everything you need, including inforamtional DVD’s, but it also comes with a heavy price; $125.  This kit is great for the shooter with a larger collection of different caliber firearms.  It can handle any of them.

So whether you end up with the micro or macro kit, go ahead and stuff your shooter’s stocking with something that will keep them shooting.