Glock Tool Kit

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If you are looking to do some work on your Glock, there are three essential tools that you must have and practice with before beginning to customize your pistol. Now you probably have 2 out of 3, and if you don’t you can get them at any hardware store. Hammer:  NOT FOR PINS!!.  You actually only need the hammer to bang out the rear sight with a punch when you are getting rid of the cheap factory plastic sights. 3/32″ pin punch:  All...

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Sevigny F/O Sights

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I had a chance to run a low light drill tonight with Warren Tactical’s Sevigny Fiber Optic Sight.  These sights have become very popular for Glocks in the competition circuit.  I installed them on a customer’s 17L, and we headed to the range to sight them in before we ran out of time. The sights come with red and green fiber optic rods.  The owner of the 17L chose green, and I have to say it would have been my choice as well.  As...

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