Legal Heat for iPhone and iPod Touch

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You may remember that we profiled an application recently to help shooters determine critical information to making long distance shots using an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  We found another application today at the app store that might keep you out of trouble as you travel. Utah Legal Heat is dedicated to providing information regarding the your CCW rights in the U.S.  This application cost $1.99 and provides information on reciprocity and...

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CCW Reciprocity

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CCW Reciprocity has been in the news a lot lately since the a federal measure to allow reciprocity failed by only a few votes.  I thought that it might be helpful to let you see this link to the NRA-ILA’s website.  It has detailed information about the reciprocity for each state. We certainly have come a long way in this area.  When I received my first permit from North Carolina, they did not recognize any other states.  Gradually they...

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