Know Your Gun Laws

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If you are a TN Handgun Permit holder you enjoy the right to carry your gun to many states that have reciprocity with TN.  Basically you can count the entire southeastern United States as friendly to you.  However each of these states will have variations of the law.  These will include prohibited places.  Before traveling it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws of each state. Why should this concern you?  In the following...

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Legal Heat for iPhone and iPod Touch

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You may remember that we profiled an application recently to help shooters determine critical information to making long distance shots using an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  We found another application today at the app store that might keep you out of trouble as you travel. Utah Legal Heat is dedicated to providing information regarding the your CCW rights in the U.S.  This application cost $1.99 and provides information on reciprocity and...

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